Why ?
Well, reason is simple. We have no time nor patience to keep it updated. As you may have found out yourself already.
However, there are sites in the net which provide you with all the infos you need. First of all, we have a MySpace site
where you find pics, gigs and news in general about us. Notice that this site is done by a fan from the USA and
not by any of the NOCTURNAL members. If you send a message through the Myspace site it will not show up to any band member.
But we´re in contact with him and he keeps the site updated.
Here´s the link.... NOCTURNAL Myspace site
As for the NOCTURNAL Discography check the METAL ARCHIVES website. Someone always put´s up our new releases in there.
If someone of you who is a member of this site with a certain status to add/change things please contact me.
There´s some false and incomplete information I would like to have changed.
NOCTURNAL Metal Archives site

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