TERRORAZOR - Abysmal Hymns of disgust CD

TERRORAZOR - Abysmal Hymns of disgust CD

Old school death/grind in the vein of TERRORIZER, BLOOD, DEAD INFECTION, REPULSION and SLAUGHTER ! 19 tracks with a great natural yet ass kicking sound !

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TERRORAZOR was formed in 2006 as a solo project by Avenger.
The idea was to create old school death/grind influenced by
EXTREME NOISE TERROR and the likes...
The following years 10 demo tapes and some split 7" and tapes were
released. In 2011 however the project was more or less laid to rest
since Avenger realized he did all he could do with this kind of music and
with his own playing abilities. The motivation to reactivate TERRORAZOR
came when he met Skullsplitter (when he joined Avengers main band NOCTURNAL)
and asked if he would be interested to record a full album with him.
Now with the drum parts finally being exactly how he imagined, a fitting
vocalist was needed, but found fast in recruiting long time friend
Cryptkeeper (Aka Pino, singer of german thrashers WITCHBURNER).
The trio recorded the debut album "Abysmal hymns of digust" in the
rehearsal room with own equpipment. Mixing and master was done by
Joel Grind. Now since the music turned out perfect and ripping they
needed a perfect cover album too... It took almost one year from this
point from the first ideas to the full thing inked. But the cover
handled by Putrid, being a collage of scenes connected to the albums
lyrics turned out deadly...

Line up
Cryptkeeper / Vocals
Avenger / Guitars/Bass
Skullsplitter / Drums